Kitchen Trends for 2011

It’s important to select the trends that will have staying power and that will work with your lifestyle, look and budget. Kitchen remodeling is the number one trend for 2011!

Below is a list of the most “fashionable” kitchen trends for 2011:
  1. Kitchen Design: green, minimalist & contemporary

  2. Flooring: hardwood , stone & porcelain tile

  3. Cabinetry: recycled materials, exotic woods & wood striations

  4. Countertops: honed granite & engineered surfaces

  5. Backsplash: glass tiles

  6. Cooking: induction cook tops, speed ovens & steam ovens

  7. Refrigeration: integrated refrigeration, refrigerator / freezer drawers & French Door

  8. Dishwasher: dish drawer

  9. Wall Treatments: wallpaper and bold paint colors

  10. Lighting: LED

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