Tree trunk ideas

Did you know that you can turn a tree stump into a beautiful and original piece of home furniture and that it is a very nice idea to use a tree trunk slice as a tray or to turn it into lots of decorative items ?

Let me give you some ideas.


tree-stump-seats                                                                                                        Source here 

Tree trunk seats on wheels. Very confortable to move them around the house!


Side tableSource here   

As a side table. 


Ligbed eik buitenSource unknown

As garden furniture.


To use them as coffee tables you could place a piece of glass as a top.

2011-10-11_105057 Bleu Nature  Source here 

Or you can paint the table top (and/or the trunk itself) in your favorite color.

475_pnvmpcBleu Nature  Source here 


What do you think of this gorgeous tree trunk bench?

2011-10-11_115938Tree trunk garden bench by Jurgen Bey  Source here


pedestal-sink-on-tree-trunkSource here

A tree stump as a sink pedestal !! Love this!!!


Or turn a tree trunk slice into a tray!

201012-w-hot-chocolate-the-pointSource here

Trunk tree displaySource here

2011-10-11_100303Source here


Besides the functional use, a tree trunk could be given a more decorative function and could be turned into the following items.

LampSource here

As into this gorgeous table lamp.


Or into a Christmas decorative item as Axel Vervoordt did at the entrance of his castle last year.

Foto 263Photo by me at the Castle of Axel Vervoordt   


Or you can use the slices as wall covering! How original is this!!

Wall covered with tree trunk slicesSource here


Or you could use a hollowed out tree trunk as a sort of vase!

Foto 303Photo by me at the Castle of Axel Vervoordt 

Axel Vervoordt removed a Rhododendron branch from his garden into this hollowed out trunk.

Foto 570 ( Vervoordt  source here


You can use it as an umbrella stand.



And a splendid idea is the put a serie of canes into it! Very decorative to place in your entry hall!

Hollowed out antique tree trunkSource unknown

All these examples above wouldn’t cost you that much if you could find a tree trunk in a nearest forest and if you could try to make your favorite tree trunk item yourself! Yes, a DIY project!

I do hope I inspired you today?!



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