Finished Lefèvre Interiors project – Before and After

My readers who are following my blog will remember the post I wrote a few weeks ago about a project I was working on.

Earlier post HERE.

I told you about all the design ideas my clients had in mind and about the color scheme we wanted to bring in. There was a lot to think about before starting the project and the execution of the cabinets and paneling in our working shop.

We needed to order new seats and reupholster some existing bergères, ordering a new carpet and some new furniture. We had to think well about the way we should stain the wood for the paneling, the parquet floor and about a very important subject : the window treatment.

Meetings with the painter, the electricien, … had to be organized.

Weeks and many discussions later, plans were designed and the project could be started.


This was the moodboard, with my design ideas and color scheme, I already shared with you in my earlier post about this project.MB_thumb[4]


And here are some pictures of the “before” situation. In some of these pictures you will notice the bergères which needed to be reupholstered.Mosaic 3


Project in progress in our atelier.Mosaic 2


Installation of the cabinets and paneling at our client’s home. Our employees and the painter-artist at work.Mosaic 4



Foto 22 november 2011 005

Foto 22 november 2011 013

Belgian linen is chosen for all the window treatment as for the new slipcovered seats.

Foto 22 november 2011 063Secret cabinets and drawers are hidden in this paneled wall.


Foto 22 november 2011 007

Foto 22 november 2011 014

The owners had a serie of 7 gorgeous paintings of our Belgian artist Pierre Alechinsky. The serie is named ‘The 7 Days of the Week’. So these works belong together and should not be split! We had to take care of the design of the paneling in order to create 7 panels to hang them up.

The linen upholstered new seats.  Foto 22 november 2011 042The double door you notice in this picture is the one to the entry hall which is also given a refreshment (see following pictures).


Foto 22 november 2011 026

Library corner with painted desk and cabinets and the reupholstered bergères.Foto 22 november 2011 051 

Foto 22 november 2011 058

Foto 22 november 2011 068

Foto 22 november 2011 024

Above the doors towards the kitchen we placed a painted panel to give the doors more ‘grandeur’.

Foto 22 november 2011 025


Our clients decided to refresh the hallway at the same time. We brought on a painted wainscotting and created this arched passage to the staircase.Foto 22 november 2011 028


Foto 22 november 2011 035

I am so thankful to the owners for their confidende in our company and their always positive approach in conversations which contributed to this successful project. A special thank you to the lady of the house for always serving coffee and biscuits and with whom I spent hours, having wonderful conversations, And of course I am very thankful for their permission to reproduce these pictures on my blog.

Also a thank you to the LEFEVRE INTERIORS employees for their incredible commitment to finish this project in a successful way.

A thank you to Jan Beyens of NEW INTERIOR who was so patient to demonstrate so much fabrics and for assisting us in making the right choice for the window treatment.

Thank you to the painters Karel and Bernard Duthoy for their exquisite work.


Although it is not a professional taken photo shoot, I do hope you enjoyed this post with these pictures taken only by me!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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